Everyone talks about mother and child love but a father’s love is always invisible. He would never say sweet words, they usually hit lame dad jokes. but still, his actions show his hidden love for his child. So, a child needs his father’s love as much as he needs his mother’s love. Although, a father’s way of showing love is different. They won’t call you asking if you’ve eaten or how you’ve been doing but, he’ll ask you if you need something. Father is the most strong pillar in a family.

He works hard to give everything his child wishes to have. Fathers love is the most beautiful gift by the almighty. His love is unconditional, patient, loving, and full of sacrifices. That’s the kind of love a father wants to give his child. Maybe, he lacks somewhere as he is a human too but, his love is impeccable. I constantly fall short. So, even when you can’t see it, he still loves you. This is something every child should know. The love of a father for his child is pure.

Love of a Father

The Role of the Father in a Child’s Development?

Father is the backbone of the family. He plays a vital role in the development of his child. To guide his child to the right path even when he feels wrong. It is important to be a good father, as a father’s love makes their child stronger to step into this harsh world. A father is responsible to discipline his child even if he’s too hard, he will be to nurture his child.

If a daughter achieves something, he shares her achievements with her father as he’s the one behind her success. He is like a pillar to support his family and children emotionally, financially, and physically. According to research, having a supportive father helps children to become stronger in all aspects and gain self-confidence to face difficult situations.

Importance of Father in a Child’s Life?

Children are reflections of their parents, they replicate you and so they honor their father and mother as their parents do. Whatever they learn from you will reflect in their behavior. If you’re a loving, kind, polite, and supportive father, your son will gain your reflection and your daughter will know the difference between a good and a bad person. If you’re an irresponsible, abusive father, your son will adapt to your personality. Your daughter will concise that men are like this and it’s okay to be abused by your husband.

This is the reason why parenting not only needs a mother but also a father. Children that grow without a father suffer through hardship. Their mother raises them alone carrying both the roles at the same time. Thus, fatherhood is important to strengthen the whole family and cultivate children to be strong enough to face the challenges of life.

How a Father Show his Love For his Child

Father and son bond is different from every other bond. Basically, if one person loves you, he/she would let you know. For example- When a mother loves you, you can see it through her actions. The food you eat, the scolding she gives you, every time she worries about you. So, you can see her love for you. But dad’s love is not that explicit.

His way of showing love may not be direct but, a father loves his child. When a child first rides a bicycle, a father won’t hold him so he won’t fall but he’ll set him free on his way. When a child looks back, he can’t see his father and loses his balance and is about to fall. Suddenly hand holds him and pulls him back. That’s how consistent a father’s love is for his child.

When children grow, things change. Friends, lovers, family, and there are a lot more relationships surrounding them. But, whenever you are in difficult times, you know that your father is backing you. Maybe he is far from you the whole day but, a child should know why he is working so hard day and night. It’s all because he loves his family and wants to fulfil all of their needs.

Fathers Love Doesn’t Change With Child’s Failure

Everyone teaches you how to win but none talks about what if you fail. But, fatherhood is not about loving you only when you win. It’s natural! Failure is a part of life. It teaches you to be the best version of yourself. A father’s love is not bound to such things. He’ll be your support system every time you need it, you can show your love by gifting some things to your father and make them feel good.

No matter if you lose or win, it’s important to learn from your mistakes. So, your failure or success won’t change his love for you. Also, it won’t decide who you’re. It’s just an opportunity to stand back to your pace and fight back to it.

Bottom Line

In a family, a father is considered to be the most rigid personality. In most cases, children are scared of their fathers. Most of the fathers carry this strong charisma in front of their children which can cause a huge impact on their child’s growth. Although, affectionate fathers make their children strong and self-confident which helps in their growth. Thus, the father and children bond should be paved with patience and affection instead of coldness.


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