We are taught to respect and obey our parents since childhood. To be born to your parents, one holds responsibility for obeying and respecting them. An adult child should take responsibility for their old parents. It is good for children’s to open up with their parents. They make bonds by sharing feelings, hitting best dad jokes and so many things. It’s a command from the heavenly father given to children and for the father to be a good father. According to a bible verse, honouring your father and mother will make your days longer on this land of the lord. The ones who disobey their parents are disobeying the heavenly father. It’s a serious offence in the bible, it also gives verses about tips for fathers. According to bible verse Matthew 15:4, honour your father and mother. Anyone who disrespects and accuses their parents will be hung to death.

Honor Your Father and Mother

Meaning of Honor in the Bible

According to the prophets during ancient times, the word Honor means to value, respect someone who deserves it. To honour someone means to respect attention and obedience to them. The lord says to honour and respects parents and other people. So you can gift something to show love to your father. People considered parents as the most truthful and deserving representatives of honour by god. Although no verse prejudice to fear your parents and others in honour.

The honour was justified according to social standards, position, wisdom, power, and knowledge. Lord and parents were the first representatives for the honour. After that comes the leader and elder. Also in verse (1 Chron 29:28), honour is for rich righteous people, as they considered them to be in a position and authority of power. Similar to how we honour our teachers, elders, leaders, soldiers, and heroics.

According to the bible verse (Prov. 21:21; 22:4; 26:1), one deserves to be honoured for its moral character and not the responsibilities and achievements in the position provided by the office. If one is a failure with their moral character, they are not in the position of honour any longer.

What Does it Means to Honor Your Parents?

To honour your father and mother is a command by the heavenly god. According to the Bible verse Ephesians 6:1, you should honour your parents as this is the right thing to do. Children of any rich or poor, all are born to their parents with a responsibility to respect and obey them throughout their lives. According to the prophet, children up to 20 years should obey their parents. Adult children should treat their parents with honour and respect. Your actions show your obedience and respect towards them.

Honour your parents with your words and actions of thankfulness to what they’ve done for you. You can regard them with your work and values for the guidance they gave you. In bible verse, Proverbs 17:6, you should be proud of your parents for all the hardship they went through while parenting you.

Respect your parents, since God gave them the authority to be honoured. According to Luke 2:51, even Lord Jesus respected and obeyed their parents till their last breath. In the bible verse, Colossians 3:20, children should respect and obey their parents as it pleases the father of heaven.

There will be times when parents will not be in a position to gain respect and honour for what they did. In these situations, children should not use wrong or disrespectful methods and words. You must respect them even if you feel wronged. According to a bible verse, Matthew 15:4 treating your parents wrongly is a sin and one should be punished by the heavenly power.

While your parents are old, they’ll need your support. As written in bible verse, (1 Timothy 5:4, 8), you are responsible for treating your parents well with what they need at their old age. Lord Jesus also supported her mother after the death of his father.

What does Scripture mean to my mother and father?

According to honour mother and father scripture, God has commanded his people to show real relations in Deuteronomy 5:6–21. We are to honour the heavenly power who created us. So, the lord also wants his children to respect and honour the creators that the lord chooses for you to be born to, your ‘father and mother.’ God has authorized our parents to be at the place to be honoured. So, children are responsible to respect and obeying their parents for life long as it pleases the Lord.

Whether it’s a relation by blood or adaptation, we should honour each other. That’s what the Lord commands us to do. We are all our children of the lord. He and all his creations are our families. If we respect and honour them, it’s an honour to him and a reflection of his love for us. So, respect and honour everyone, as it’s equal to honouring the almighty power.

Why Honor Your Parents?

In the bible verse, Matthew 19:17-19, which says that one should respect and honour their parents, leaders, and elders. It is a commandment by the lord and it doesn’t come from your will. You’ve to obey and respect his creations. There is no way one can be perfect in this lifetime. All we should do is try to do our best. When we pray and go through the prayers and verses daily, we gain the power to accomplice the right path on our own.

In Matthew 19:17-19, Lord Jesus speaks about what is right to do and what isn’t. One shouldn’t choose to attempt murder, adultery, stealing, and false evidence. Also, it tells you to honour and respect your parents and neighbours. The command by the Lord to honour everyone, especially our parents, should be followed as it’s for our good. The faith in the Lord helps to reflect our abilities. The power of ability comes from the faith in almighty and heavenly power.

Difference Between Honor, Obedience, and Respect

Honour is the reflection of actions like respect and obedience. You show your honour to someone through respect, courtesy, and obedience. God created us and we honour the almighty power with all our will. By obeying his creations and family, we obey the command of the lord with faith and trust. Respecting your parents and obeying their orders is similar to respecting and obeying the almighty. It’s the consistent behaviour of our brain to respond through the faith or belief we have in someone.

Bothe, the children, and the adults should respect and obey their parents. Before the almighty, our parents are our creators. They teach us our values and wisdom no one else will teach. We honour them out of trust and for everything they’ve done for us throughout their lives. Honour your parents even when you think they’re wrong. They brought you to this world and made you stand at your own pace. They deserve to be honoured.

How Should Children Obey Their Parents?

The Lord wants us to honour our parents as they’re important to god. The relationship of parents and children is the first most loved relation by the heavenly father. God has created parents for us children to hold his responsibilities and authority of honour. So, before we honour the almighty, we must honour our parents. To honour your parents you must respect and obey them for life long.

To honour your parents you must never do the mistakes or wrongs others are doing. Don’t make them feel ashamed of you. Show respect through your words and actions. Make them prior in your daily life. Treat them well with what they need. Be their support while they’re old. Forgive and forget any flaws in them. Even if it feels hard to, try not to rebel with your words or cross your lines.

What to do if Parents Are Wrong and Abusive?

‘Honor your mother and father’ is what every religious book teaches us to do. According to the bible, God directs us to honour our parents and keep faith in them. But, what parents are wrong themselves? No human is perfect. They aren’t as well. Most of them are absurd towards their duties and responsibilities. Yet, we are taught to respect them as God has sent them to protect us. Faith in the almighty spirit will not be in vain.

In this world, humans suffer hard times and pain given by their people. It’s hard to respect them and treat them well. The almighty father feels the pain his children are getting. We shouldn’t give up in such a situation as the lord is always there with his children. Keep faith in him and he’ll let you out to shield you. Even if it’s hard to respect, try not to disrespect or utter any abusive word for that is an offence to the lord. With what you’ve suffered during your childhood, treat them well as they’re your creator sent by heaven on earth.

With a war between right and wrong, there are more demons with angel feathers around us. It’s hard to believe even our people or parents in hard times. But the faith in the lord can demolish all the bad. Honour your parents as God is there to protect you from all the wrongs. So, you must honour your father and mother, even if you have had a hard time with them. This can be difficult but don’t forget, the father of this universe is more powerful than all. Have faith in him, he will protect you.

Final Thoughts

Although the heavenly Father wants us to follow his command to respect our parents. He knows well that no human can be perfect. There is only one who is perfect. That’s the lord! May the whole world betray and abandon you but the heavenly father will never abandon you. He has trust in you, he’ll be on your side and protect you from all wrongs. Our belief in the Lord is not driven by being perfect in what he wants us to do but, with just faith in him. Christ is there with us in both our difficult and happy times. His blessings will always shower upon us with the light of happiness and rejoice throughout our life span.


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