Technology is ruling the world, we are using technology in every sphere of our daily life. It is becoming an integral part of our lives. We are becoming dependent on technology, by the way, it is making our life easy. There are more upcoming technology trends that are making the restaurant business easy, faster and reliable. Innovators are coming up with more digital solutions to completely transform the restaurant business. Let’s have a look at some of the technologies:

1)Temperature Sensors:

The safety of food is checked everywhere before it is been processed and served to us by the HACCP checklist. Restaurants have started using temperature sensors working on Bluetooth technology to see that their food is up to par. There is some food which is only good and fresh at a particular temperature. We have to keep the food at that temperature, in this what helps us are the Bluetooth enabled sensors.

2) Optimized scheduling software:

Scheduling is a difficult task for a restaurant owner, it is made all easy by software. It can help the managers to give tasks and schedules to everyone in a smart way. They can give a schedule in a digital way to all employees. The positions and times are given based on old staffing pattern, this helps in preventing over staffing and understaffing. This scheduling software has the employee working time and their availability, all these information are stored in-app.  

3) Virtual Reading On-boarding:

This is the latest trend developed by HR and VR together, developed for employee management. Managers don’t have to give training to new employers, it will save time. The employers can use a headset and software kit to get experience in a restaurant. They can go anywhere in the restaurant whether in the kitchen or any other place and can see other workers in action. This will be a faster learning process for them rather than taking training in everything.

4) Automated Purchasing Machine:

The worst phase of a restaurant can be when there is no food to serve to customers. The manager can make mistake to check which thing is going to get over, what all things are already over and are on the list to purchase. Here we need Automated Purchasing Machine, which does all this work of manager without mistake. This tool sends alert if anything goes low in level. This is a smart tool that will help you to purchase products based on the vendor product lead, sales and custom levels. 

5) Kiosks:

With kiosk or table-top tablets, we don’t need to carry cash everywhere. The screen seen at every restaurant has made a huge difference in the ordering process. At these kiosks, people can choose their dish from the menu, and customize their order. They can also pay from that kiosk. As the kiosk handles operations, the workers spend there that time working at the back and there no time is wasted in transactions.

6) Digital Table Reservation:

The long wait is not like by any diner, serving of food late when the diner is damn hungry. We have software for reserving our seats beforehand through the Digital table reservation manager. Apart from reserving seats this app also suggests an appropriate seating arrangement to the customer based on their time of visiting and party size. Restaurants can give the customers an estimated time and inform them via text or call when their table will get free. The waiter also gets a lot of information about the customer’s favorite dish or birthday date or anniversary date by his past reservation and dining history.

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